14 October 2009

Sleepy Boy

I think it's been quite an adjustment for the kids with getting back home and back in the groove of our regular routine. They've had a difficult time this week so far with getting up and going to school. And also going to bed. Little Man is having a difficult time staying in his bed and going to sleep. Not sure if this is because of their erratic bed times while we were not at home.

Last night was no different, but at least he stayed in his room. Not in his bed, but in his room. When Leo went to open the kids doors before we went to bed, he hit Little Man. That was because Little Man was sleeping in front of the door. He had his little butt in the air and his head at a weird angle against the wall.
The best part was he also had his crocs on. I'm not really sure why he put them on.

Hopefully by this weekend everyone will be back to normal.

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