27 July 2010

2nd Day Not As Good As the First

Second day of school droop off was not as good as the first. I guess she knew what she was in for and it caused her some more nervousness and apprehension.

The drop off started off bad as someone tapped my bumper in the parking lot line as I was pulling in. No damage but really WTF lady, pay attention. And seriously this would ONLY happen to me on the second day of school.

The Sweet Girl was not as happy and excited today to wait in line. I tried to time it so we only had to wait a few minutes. But even in those few minutes she complained of a tummy ache and would not let go of my arm or hand. Yesterday I was able to get out of line and let her walk in. Today there were tears and I had to walk with her to almost the building.

She wouldn't talk to the other girls standing in line around her. Yesterday she said she talked to some girls but really I wonder if she did.

Little Man also had a first day at his new "school" as well. He did fine. I don't worry about him interacting and participating. He is outgoing and talks. His status sheet said he had a great day and enjoyed playing with paint.

It's funny, I do worry about both of them but they are for the exact opposite reasons. The ones strength is the other ones weakness. I would never worry about Little Man taking long to adapt to a new situation, even with people he doesn't know. But I DO worry about his academics. That kid has NO desire to practice his letters. He can't spell his name. They practices X's in school yesterday and he tried making them H's. Sigh. This would be my last worry about Sweet Girl, that kid could spell her name at 2.5. She already knows and can spell all the sight words they have to know for this year. But new social situations, forget it. I worry until I'm almost sick. All this unbeknownst to either one. And I know boys are different, don't compare your kids, blah blah blah. I get it. I would never say you need to be more like Little Man or Sweet Girl to either one of them. They are individuals. I just think it's funny how the strength of one is the weakness of the other. I guess it all balances out. At least I only have one major worry per kid. And maybe that kid can be an example. Although that hasn't really worked yet, probably because I haven't pointed it out. Nor do I plan to, so I'm back to where I started.

I wonder if I kept Little Man home with me instead of working if he would learn more? But I'm Mom and playmate. Not Mom the Official Teacher. Not that I don't teach him things because I do, we've just never had structured teaching/learning time at home. Not sure how that transition would go for either of us. And he does like interacting with the other kids.

Ah the joys of parenting. It's a never ending quest for balance, happiness, and all that without guilt!

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