07 July 2010

Long Time No Write

So again I'm slacker blogger. Like you need any reminders of that. If anyone is even left reading it.

We've had a fun few weeks. We headed to the beach, the Florida Gulf Coast. Yes the coast that has oil. We called it our disaster tour.

We started out in Nashville and Middle TN (disaster 1 = flood) where we had a b'day party for Little Man who turned 4 on the 4th of July. It was a good party, at the Pump It Up. Always fun to let the kids jump themselves silly. A little touch and go there for a minute as Little Man almost puked just before we had to leave for the party. Impeccable timing that kid has. He went pale white and lost all color in his lips. I think it was because he hadn't eaten all morning. And so I gave that kid some coke, a cheese stick and some goldfish. He seemed better. Although honestly I was expecting him to ralph in the bounce houses (he didn't but it wouldn't have shocked me at that point...). We shipped home a small toy store from his b'day gifts...

We then proceeded to disaster area #2 - The Gulf Coast. I obsessively watched all the sites, trajectory maps, everything to see if that oil was going to affect our vacation. I mean seriously we didn't fly 2000 miles across the country to go to the beach when we couldn't even actually GO to the beach. Everything was looking good, it was looking to avoid the area, until two days before we were going to arrive. We went anyway, praying. We got to the beach and thankfully there was no oil lapping on shore, but we do have a few tar balls on shore. The water itself was clear most days, a couple days we dealt with some June grass, but it was clear mostly. So we swam. Hopefully in 6 months we don't find out that swimming was a bad idea. It was fun, we enjoyed the beach pretty much every day.
Except for the time when Leo, myself and Sweet Girl were all puking. Oh yes, no vacation of ours is complete without vomit. And we got it. Lots of it. Good times. I'll spare you the details. Ironically our normal puker, Little Man, was spared. How odd. I expect the next trip will be two times as bad for him. Poor kid, poor me.

The vacation motto: Is that a tar ball? and Are you going to throw up? I made Little Man nuts with asking him this. I was just waiting and waiting for him to puke. And alas he did not. And no one else that went with us puked either. I was happy to not share that with anyone.

We loved visiting with our friends and family on our trip. It was great and fun. And while I don't have that same feeling of longing anymore when we drive around the Nashville area, I do have that longing feeling for all my friends and family. Having them all together for Garrett's b'day and some came over to my parents was so nice. I miss them all terribly. I love being around everyone.

I was happy to get home. But wish I was at the beach still. Maybe that means I need a house at the beach? I think that sounds lovely.

We then celebrated Little Man's official b'day on the 4th. We tried to stay up and watch the fireworks that were "just for him" but both kids totally crashed out in the back of the truck while we were waiting. And then they slept until 8 AM the next day. Sweetness!

And now it's back to the norm. School and work. I liked when the norm was what time should we go to the beach today?


Deanna said...

I am glad you had such a good time and it was sure glad to see all of you. I cannot believe I did not even get a mention in the blog. geesh...

Chrissy said...

Sounds like it was a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

The vomiting part of the post was a nice touch. Sort of a Norman Rockwell thing.