21 July 2010

Cloud Cover

Summer in Arizona is not my favorite time of year. My acceptance of triple digit temps lasts about a week and then it's annoyingly tolerated. Mostly because what other choice do I have at this point? The past couple weeks have been particularly brutal with temps of 115 on multiple days. The pool isn't even refreshing and actual feels hot. I prefer to just sit in the house and watch TV when it's that hot out. But thankfully the temps like that are short lived (and really if they were not I would not be living here) and we'll be back to cooler temps soon. Yeah soon = probably 3 months but still there is at least relief in sight.

Today we had cloud cover and even some rain (by AZ standards). I was pleased to see the blue sky covered with a nice layer of cloud cover and the blue grey rain clouds. I wish I could have sat on the patio and just stared at the cloud covered sky. But alas I was stuck on conference calls most of the morning and now it appears the sun is back out. Yay. You know how they say people in Seattle tire of the rain, well I have the same feeling about the sun. Too much of a good thing is bad in my opinion. Jeez I'm jonesing for cloud cover to hide the giant hot ass ball of gas for a few days.

There are a lot of changes coming up for us. This may mean some good blog topics which inspire me to write more often. Sweet Girl starts first grade on Monday. I'll be a big giant emotional ball of mess trying to hold myself together so she doesn't notice. Little Man goes to a new day care/preschool on Monday too. He'll be fine, no worries about him. He talks to everyone and does fine in new situations. Other changes coming which I'm sure will be a new adventure and stress that will need to be dealt with by writing. More on that later. But no I'm not pregnant. Let's just get that one out there now, that's not the change.

Here's to more cloud cover!

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

We tire more of the grayness than the rain up here, for the record :)

I hope the changes coming for you are mostly positive, even if they are bittersweet. I'm trying to not hyperventilate over the fact that your kids are starting school *next week* !!