27 July 2010

The Beginning of A New Era

Well it's done, Sweet Girl has crossed the threshold that begins her academic career. Yesterday was her first day of first grade.

I was so proud of her. I was proud of myself too, for holding it together and not breaking down like one of the kindergartners.

I gave her a charm bracelet with some charms. Each one signifying something special. A cupcake because she is sweet and special. A snow cone because she is one super cool kid. An owl as her good luck charm so whenever she is nervous at school about doing something, she is to hold the charm and say to herself "I can do it". The owl is significant because he is ALL OVER their classroom. He is their class "pet" and stands for Our World of Learning. The last charm was a Friends 4 Ever from a couple of her friends to signify she will always have friends and will make new ones. I think it really helped her.

She stood in line and we stepped out of the way. She turned back once for a wave and then she was off walking with her class to her new room.

No tears.

A big girl.

A 1st grader.

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