29 July 2010

Over The Heat

I gotta say, I'm OVER the heat and humidity here in AZ. This last week has sucked ass and has been extremely humid. It's monsoon season. Don't let the word 'monsoon' fool you. When I think of monsoon, I think of rain and a lot of it. I think it's the wrong word. We live in the damn desert. It doesn't rain in monsoon quantity. We get more blowing sand and dust than rain. And let me just tell you I LOVE that (insert an extreme amount of sarcasm here, as much as you can possibly muster and multiply it by 100).

We did get a lot of rain over the winter (no complaints from me!) but that was probably some weird weather freak of nature. It's like we got it all then and nothing now. I mean come on spread the raining love over the year.

On a different note, Sweet Girl is doing better with the school drop off. She still really doesn't talk to any kids while standing in line. I wish she would, I guess I would feel better if she had a friend. But it is only the 4th day and it will probably take her a little longer to make friends.


Deanna said...

I am so over the heat too!! It sucks!
She is a wonderful little girl, she will make friends in no time!

Leonard said...

Monsoon is a shift in season or wind. It does not have to mean a lot of rain, but it is the shift in the wind patterns that brings the rain in the summer.

Crystal said...

I thoroughly concur with the ass suckiness of the past week. It rained yesterday and I wasn't even here...I was in wonderful, sunny but mild, San Diego, for a client meeting.