22 July 2010


I have to say again, I'm not really sure I am ready for my Sweet Girl to be starting first grade. I don't let her know about my anxiety around it, I am always upbeat and excited when I talk about it. How exciting it will be to go to the new school, to make new friends and all that. I'm doing that in hopes that she will be excited too, looking forward to the new year. And while I know she is probably excited, nerves and being afraid are starting to tip the scales. I can see it happening. I know she's feeling that way because she is unfortunately just like me. I hated school in the beginning. HATED IT. I hope it's not like that for her. It makes me hurt thinking of her feeling that way.

We have the meet the teacher night tomorrow. I hope this helps her, we can talk about more of what to expect over the weekend. That generally helps her deal when she has an idea of what's coming.

I never expected my kids going to school to have this effect on me.

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