09 March 2010

The Dancing Queen

Today is Sweet Girls first ballet class. She has mentioned she wanted to do ballet a few times and I found a class through the community center so if she decides to bail after the second week (which is she notorious about doing, granted she is only five but still) it won't have cost me an arm and leg.

She was super excited to pick out her leotard - a blue one with a ruffle and ballet slippers. She has worn them every day since we got them on Sunday. She actually said "wow I look so beautiful". It was so sweet. And hopefully this makes her happy and she enjoys it. Hopefully the teacher will understand that she is horribly shy and quiet in new situations. Hopefully this class will help her come out of her shell and not clam up and turn mute when someone speaks to her.

Hopefully it will build more of her confidence in doing something fun. These are my hopes for her class tonight and for the next 3 weeks. If she likes this we'll find an official class and get her going.

She has been twirling and spinning and dancing all weekend and this week. She has a cute little bow that kind of makes her looks like she has to pee really bad but we always clap and encourage her to keep going. To work hard and to not give up. Work Hard and Never Give Up, it's one of our Family Rules that was put out there specifically for her. Since she gets frustrated and angry and then stops trying. We have had to work on this and Family Rule has helped her.

I'll report back tomorrow on how the first class goes!

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