30 March 2010


I have no creative title for today's blog. I really don't have any subject matter either. It's been a week since my last post. I guess the only consistency I can claim is my consistent nature of not posting.

Here are some random thoughts.

I would rather be on the beach or at Disney World. I have this overwhelming desire to be at either of those place. I'm going to assume it's my way of trying to escape my daily activity of work. I do want to be with the family so it's not them I'm trying to get away from, just work. Ah the thought of sitting on the beach with the kids playing in the sand. Heavenly. Instead I'm here testing code and writing defects. Woohoo.

We got a new treadmill. And I've even used it. I'm working up to getting up every morning and walking my fat ass off. Hopefully I'll get there this week. Or maybe next week because this is PMS week which makes me evil and unmotivated. And really a little resentful that I have to exercise period. It's a good thing my trainer can take being called nasty names because I was cursing her last night. Burpees with the added pleasure of the Bosu ball. Seriously, WTF. She had it out for me I know (paranoia is also one of my added benefits of PMS. Lucky me). And if you don't know what burpees or a bosu ball are, consider yourself lucky.

We also got a new fridge, it's one of those fancy French door kind. It's pretty neato I must say.

I should never again (and I won't) attempt to cut Little Man's hair. He had a nice mop (probably a good 3 inches of hair ) and now he has a buzz cut with a zero fade. Yes I screwed it up that bad. Thank goodness for the lady at Great Clips who was trying to be all nice when she was telling me I just didn't have the correct knowledge on how to do it, but she was sure I was capable if I knew how. Just tell me I suck ass at cutting hair and be done with it don't try to butter me up with your nice comments. I totally fucked up his hair, we both know it. I mean come on the kid basically had a bowl buzz cut with a big chunk missing over his ear.

Ok, back to code and defects.


Basha's Mama said...

All I have are bad words for the Bosu ball too. I haven't missed that part of boot camp.

Crystal said...

Yeah...Aaron wanted me to give him a hair cut. I was like, "Ummm...no...I still want you love me later" hehe

I started back working out this week too...no Bosu ball for me though. But I have no idea what a Burpee is...sounds like what you do after you drink a carbonated Slurpee. ;)

Letherton said...

trying to get to gilbert right near you

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Michelle said...

oh, i'd rather be at the beach or Disney too. wonder if any body would miss us if we we were to wander away ;)