10 March 2010

Maybe Dancing Is The Answer

So something I forgot to mention yesterday about Sweet Girl is that kid is Ms Fidget. Oh.My.God. The kid cannot sit still or stand still. She is always moving and fidgeting. And honestly this drives me nuts. And apparently she is just like me, I was fidget girl as well. Maybe that's why it drives me nuts? Not sure. Anyway. The dance class was really good.

Her teacher is a guy, not a big deal actually. Sweet Girl did really great. She said her name loudly when asked (impressive because as I stated previously, she usually turns mute when people she doesn't know talk to her). And she followed directions and was actually good at the ballet moves. She has incredible balance compared to the other kids in her class. So the Wii Fit activities she does are actually paying off.

The only disappointing thing is that we now have a 2 week break until the next class because the teacher (Alex), is going out of state for an operation. Leo mentioned that hopefully he doesn't come back as Alexa. I hadn't even thought of that but I guess it's a possibility and that will just be weird. So hoping he stays Alex and Sweet Girl continues to dance. And hopefully that will help combat her fidgeting!

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Angela said...

A reverse Chastity Bono trick~ scary!