15 March 2010

Duh...You Still Need Sunscreen

First off I have to say yay to all the new followers and I'm also super excited about all the new blog reading material I have. I think I picked some great new blogs to read and I am really looking forward to it! Thank you to all the new readers we have! Leave a comment or two, I love the feedback.

We had an excellent weekend. Aside from my moment of total brain loss when I failed to bring sunscreen with me to the yearly Ostrich Festival. We had a great time, watching Ostrich races (hilarious!), some jousting (awesome), and of course carnival rides (always fun but involved a little drama from Little Man since he is just not tall enough for some...more on that later).

So all this is outside in Arizona in WONDERFUL 70 degree weather, with a nice breeze. Perfect for being outdoors because last year it was almost 90 at the festival and that was just not as fun. So in my mind (which had obviously taken a break and possibly a hike as well) I was not thinking sunscreen. Mistake on my part (damn you brain for taking a hike!) as I suffered a sunburned nose, chest and arms. My nose was the worst and I was referred to as Rudolph by Leo and my parents (feeling the love...). My chest, holy crap you would have thought I walked around with baby oil on my chest. Jeez. Thankfully the kids were spared, although they did get a little red on their face. But not nearly as bad as me. I know I know SHAME! SHAME on the mother who forgot the sunscreen! Trust me I won't do it again.

Have you ever seen anyone ride an Ostrich? It was pretty funny! Very entertaining!

The kids were excited for the rides and riding the Ferris wheel with Gaga and Grandad. We all get in line and they won't let Little Man on, because he's not 42 inches. However he did ride last year and he has grown since then so they must have tightened up on their riding requirements and enforcement. Oh the drama! He was NOT a happy camper. I finally convinced him to walk with me over to the kiddie area and he went down the big slide a few times while we waited for the others to come back. It turned out OK. He still had issues in the kiddie area though because those rides were also 42 inches. He was able to ride more at Disney World!

We ended our day with a sno-cone and my first and probably last fried Twinkie. Oh yeah all diet restrictions blown into the wind on that one. A Twinkie dunked in funnel cake batter and fried up golden brown and then "dusted" (and I say dusted lightly b/c it was pretty thick!) with powder sugar. I was unsure at first but have been wanting to try one since before Sweet Girl was born. So now I've done it and the fried Twinkie can be checked off the list.

We're starting the week off right with a baseball game. The spring training is in full force around here so we'll have an enjoyable afternoon at the ball park WITH sunscreen!

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