01 March 2010

WooHoo for Monday!

Yeah normally not that thrilled for Monday and really I'm not all that thrilled that it's a working Monday. But I am thrilled because tomorrow my parents get here! YAY!!! I am really thrilled about that.

I really miss having them around so it will be nice to have them here with us for three months or so. The kids are excited as well.

We finished up the cleaning and putting away and clearing up the TV graveyard that had become the guest room. We hung stuff up and readied for their arrival. We made a Costco run (sans treadmill...disappointed about that though...) and stocked our shelves.

Very excited.


Michelle said...

hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents.

Angela said...

I didn't know if you check follow up comments on my blog. If not, please see my comment after yours!
Yes, I am using you for my Vitamin D!