17 March 2010

A Day Late

While I know today is Wednesday, I am just now getting to the PROMTuesday done at San Diego Momma. I actually did this one! Yay me! (ha)


Halcyon dreams
Why do you evade me?

I have the perfect setting for you
Cool room, comfy sheets.

I lay here waiting
Where are you?

I stare wide eyed at the ceiling.
Should I paint the ceiling beige?

Halcyon dreams,
Why do you evade me?


San Diego Momma said...

Beige works. Or a nice caramel color?

A fellow evader of dreams

smalltownmom said...

Nice poem!

I wish I was having some nice dreams...usually I don't even remember them but lately they have been pretty gory and horrible. It's a bad thing to prefer insomnia!