16 March 2010

Fiber Love

If you've know me you know I LOVE fiber. I generally exceed the daily 25 grams a day. So I am very pro-fiber. This all started when I was pregnant with Sweet Girl I was TERRIFIED about getting hemorrhoids. I mean you have no idea how terrified I was with that. It totally freaked me out. That is when it began. My obsession with fiber. I love the Kashi Go-Lean, I prefer the Fiber One yogurt (although the Greek Fayeh yogurt is really yummo too!). And I actually look at the fiber count on bread. They actually make a "high fiber" bread.
And so I've also had many health benefits from this as well. My "good" cholesterol is pretty high.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to try this yummo bars I found! I generally eat the Kashi Go-Lean for breakfast. I tried the Fiber One bars and I didn't really like them. But you need to try the Gnu Bars! The Orange Cranberry is da bomb! OMG it's so good!! AND you get 12 grams of fiber! Oh yes 12 grams! THAT is pretty exciting stuff! (watch it, I hear those comments...)

And if you order today you get 25% off! Sweet deal. And no they are not paying me or have asked me to blog about their goods. But if they somehow get wind of my blog post, I'll take some free bars...I prefer the Orange Cranberry.

Come on, join the fiber obsessed. Let me know if you try them and what you think!

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