08 September 2009

I Know It's Wrong to Covet and Even Worse When It's Your Kid...

Yes I am admitting I am coveting my almost 5 year old daughters abs. That kid has a wicked six pack with little fat to cover it. I'm envious, not that I really want to be 5 again but I would take her abs.

She often runs around topless (don't ask, it does run in the family though) and wow she is ripped! It must be all those times she pleads to be held upside down and then bascially does crunches while we hold her by her ankles. Who knows.

Whatever it is, I hope she keeps them. She should be proud of those things!!! I'd like to say one day I would have a matching set of ripped abs, but I think mine would require some sort of liposuction for them to really show...Liposuction sounds better and better each day...why does it have to cost so damn much??


Kelly said...

M is the same! In her case I think it's the gymnastics. But she does also do the inverted crunches like sweet girl.

Basha's Mama said...

I'm all for lipo too. I don't think that 2 million crunches will get rid of the baby muffin. Tell me if you find a bargain.