16 September 2009

Mommy, I Want Crabs

This is not something you generally want to hear from your children. As I immediately think of the "crabs", those lovely little bugs that invade certain areas resulting in serious itching. At least from what I've heard, for the record I've never had crabs, except to eat. And that's the truth. And even if it wasn't the truth, which it is, this post isn't about me. It's about Little Man. And he doesn't have "THE" crabs either. And that's the truth.

So last night Little Man screams at me "MOMMY! I WANT CRABS!!!!!!!!", "I want CRABBBBSSSS on my legs!!!!!' He was very adamant about this.

And he was referring to his pajamas. He wanted the ones that had crabs on the bottoms not the single crab on his shirt.

I was laughing, it was funny. Maybe it was one of those you had to be there and you would be laughing too...or are you laughing anyway?


Angela said...

That is funny! Marshall found a rubber snake and Mike asked him what kind it was. He said it was a Ranch dressing snake!" Kids are great.

Crystal said...

Tee hee!!