11 September 2009

I Think Some Have Forgotten

On this day in 2001 ironically Leo was in Arizona and I was in Nashville (this was from our first round of living here and my insistence to move back which left us living in two different states for a couple months), and I was at work when all hell broke loose. I called Leo at what would have been 6 AM in Arizona to tell him bad things were happening and then from that point we were both watching the news. Him in Arizona and me in Tennessee at work. Our entire company sat and watched the horror unfold. A day I shall never forget.

And the days that followed, the rallying of Americans and the patriotism that flowed was great. Flags flew everywhere. But now years later, it's been a while since it happened, people forget. Obviously too long ago for some people to still have that patriotic feeling that everyone had the days following 9/11/01. It's sad we lost that rally and most people shoved their patriotic feelings aside. I don't get that. Even now, I hate looking at the clock and it happens to be 9:11, I always take a moment and say a prayer for all those people. I don't sit there and dwell on it, but I do always see the images. While it's not fun, I do think it's imperative that we remember the day. I'm a lucky one, I wasn't in NYC or DC or PA, I didn't lose a family member or close friend on that day, but think about those people who did. They CAN'T forget and I'm pretty damn sure they WON'T forget.

So today I honor all those who were lost on September 11, 2001. I honor all the civil service workers who helped on that day and the many after cleaning up the aftermath.

I haven't forgotten.


Anonymous said...

I too have not forgotten , my home flies an American flag all year ,every Sept.11, I wear the same t-shirt with an American flag on the front, In Memory Of all those who lost their lifes on 9-11-2001 printed on the back. I'm not bragging, just a proud American.
Love Father

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, I will never ever forget used to be every year since that fateful day the tv was filled with the images, now today 2009 only the History Channel has the whole day dedicated to the tragedy. I am afraid the government has forgotten, the scary thing is those evil people are so very patient, we cannot ever let our guard down. God Bless the United States of America

Anonymous said...

PS love Mom