01 September 2009

Me and My Wild Ideas

Leo and I have been working out together and it's been really nice. So I thought maybe we should take it a step farther and plan something for our 15 year anniversary in two years. Something BIG, HUGE, even BEYOND HUGE a monumental achievement to celebrate our marriage and life together. Something that would bring us closer together during the training and the achievement. I thought and figured it out. We should climb Mt. Everest together.

Yes I really said that. Am I nuts? Probably. Would it fit what I was looking for, yes! Would the training bring us closer together? Yes! We would have to rely on each and work as a team. Would it be HUGE, yes (and possibly deadly but I kind of ignored that factor) and a totally cool accomplishment for ourselves and the kids, and how cool would it be for the kids to say their parents climbed Mt. Everest? Pretty damn cool I think.

And yes I figured there would be some smaller climbs. I wasn't going to go whole hog and just go straight to the mack daddy. I did consider others in there to build up to the big one.

It fit everything I wanted, until I did the research. And found a reputable guide to do this would run us a cost of about SIXTY (that is 6-0) THOUSAND DOLLARS and yes that is PER PERSON. OK, I love Leo but we'll have to find some other way to celebrate our 15 year partnership, something that doesn't cost $120,000 AT LEAST. And that didn't take into account travel and all the other "smaller" climbs I factored in.

So now I'm back to my search. Maybe I'll scale back and suggest a hike through Europe or something...Or maybe we'll win the lottery and go for it! But the odds are not in my favor for that one!


Crystal said...

Holy Crap on even THINKING about climbing Mt. Everest - although that would be a really freakin' cool thing to do as a husband/wife team. :) Are there any somewhat cool climbs to do in America?

We Want Tessert said...

I agree with Crystal: Holy crap! Keep dreamin' big!

Anonymous said...

I will go one step further Holy Shit!!!!!Why don't you do something less dangerous like swim with the sharks.
Love Mom

Natalie said...

Are you that desperate for cold weather????? You know you could just go to Alaska... It's nice and cold up there.

AMB said...

You could come climb Mount LeConte here, and we could watch your children for you!