09 September 2009

License Plate Pet Peeve

I have this thing, one of many weirdo pet peeves I possess, I can't stand personalized license plates. I don't know why they bother and annoy me so, especially considering they aren't even mine so really why should I care you're driving around with a license plate that states "Da Wifes" or something else that is equally as stupid.

And unfortunately for me, Arizona seems to have an abundance of folks that find creative ways to express themselves using the license plate. I roll my eyes when I see them, and make snarky comments if Leo is with me. What can I say they just annoy the crap out of me. Sometimes they are a challenge to figure out what the hell they are trying to say. It's like a mobile brain teaser. And to some extent I enjoy the challenge until I figure it out and usually my reply is 'That's just dumb'.

And since there is no way for me to ban seeing them, I have one small request. For the love of pete man, use proper English on them. I don't care if you have to get crafty and use GR8 to spell out great, not a big deal in fact I might give you some creativity points. But you get no points if you have a plate like the following (I saw it this morning) 4MEKID. Maybe their Irish? Or MAYBE they're just a flaming idiot.

I guess probably now that I've shared this with you, they won't bother me as much. And if you're a reader who has a personalized plate well, I hope for your sake it at least has proper English on it.


Angela said...

That is why they call them vanity plates! Takes being vain to an entire new level.

Crystal said...

I'm catching up on a few days worth of your posts - so I apologize now for the random blurts of response.

- I love Bountiful Baskets - and now that I just remembered this, I missed the damn freakin' deadline tonight to order! Crap.

- The thunderstom was TOTALLY awesome.

- And I've only had one personalized license plate - I was 20 yrs old and it said QWKCHIK (I had to use the QW instead of QU because that wouldn't have made sense - people would have been saying 'qwuck' or 'kuck' or something). I had a '99 Mitsubishi Eclipse, not suped up at ALL, but I was trying to be part of a group called GirlieGirl Racing - and I had their license plate frame that said "I'm a Quick Chick". I was young, and dumb...don't hold it against me. ;)

Deanna said...

Okay I know you posted this awhile ago, but I saw a plate on an Element last night driving home from work that said 'Moms Box'.
I almost peed my pants. Someone should clue that poor lady in