17 August 2009

Hopefully Only Two Times a Charm...

We seemed to have developed a new weekend trend. Puke.

Yep Sweet Girl had the weekend puke bug on Saturday. I must say she is the most efficient puker I know. She actually somehow waits to puke in the toilet. Even though I followed her around with a puke bucket she always went to the bathroom. No complaints there, especially since she doesn't puke ON ME. Of course, I have just jinxed myself with that one.

She was not happy with this situation at all. She would say over and over "I just want to stop throwing up". Hey do you blame her, I sure don't. It's not one of my favorite past times either.

And during her vomit episodes she also requests that you hold her hair back. She kind of demands it, "HOLD MY HAIR back!!" But again, don't blame her. Nothing worse then puke in your hair, trust me I should know.

But by Sunday she was her normal self. Thankfully this bug only lasts 24 hours. I just hope that the next two weekends don't' result in myself and Leo getting this great weekend treat.


Kelly said...

Our girls continue to do things exactly the same. She always seems to make it to the bathroom and you must hold her hair back also. Of course she has gotten good at holding her own hair. Of course this doesn't include when she pukes on her sister =) or in the car.

Angela said...

Just FYI, if you are in good with your pediatrician....have him/her write you a prescription for dermal Phenergan. It comes in a syringe sans needle. Just a little on the inside of the wrist squelches the vomit bug and puts them night night to sleep it off. The syringe lasts forever because they use about 1/4 cc per dose or something like that. It is like milk and bread in our house.

Crystal said...

This went through our house a couple weeks ago - the baby, me, hubby and my 4 yr old all got it - on 4 different days. The only one it skipped was my 11 yr old - lucky duck.