06 August 2009

What to Wear? What to Wear??

I am very excited!! We get to have a photo session with our favorite photographer when we are in Tennesse in October! We will be quite the travelling family in September and October. We will be going to Disney and then after that heading up to TN, because I have to work in the corporate office. So there is one full day where Leo, the kids and I will all be in TN together since Leo has to fly back to Arizona so he can go back to work while the kids and I stay in TN for a week then fly back to Arizona. You following all that??

So we were able to book some time with the photographer. Her name is Lauren Gill and if you're in Middle TN I really suggest you check her out! She's AWESOME!! But now begins my dilemma of our coordinating outfits. The first session the girls wore red and the boys wore blue. She suggested bright colors and I must say it did look awesome against the green. The next session we did red and black and gray with the kids wearing argyle and us wearing solid. So now, what to pick?? I would like to pick a green but there will be so much green around the scenery. I need some bright ideas. So now I will check out all the stores online and see if they have a sweater or shirt that inspires me. I was thinking maybe pink and brown, but was concerned with the brown being too drab? Oh the desicsions...

I don't know why I get so obsessed with this! If you have any store or color coordinating suggestions I would love to hear them!

So now I just cannot wait for September and October to arrive. We'll have Leo's birthday in September, our Disney trip and we'll get to experience some bit of "real" fall by being in Tennessee in October!


Crystal said...

I am style-impaired, so I can't be of any help to you on the outfit-choosing process. Sorry! :( But your September/October travels sound like a bunch of fun, and I wish I could go. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you coming to Knoxville at all? You look GORGEOUS in Amanda's rehearsal dinner picture of the four of us where you are wearing that hot pink dress. Therefore, I recommend hot pink for you and Audrey!

AMB said...

That was my question, too, Liz. When?!!? and will you make it to Knoxville! If so I want to go ahead and block off some time, our October is kind of nutty