04 August 2009

My House - A New Place For Torture

Well for the past couple weeks I have been on a working out hiatus. I didn't re-up my trainer sessions at the gym for a couple reasons. 1. Damn it's expensive to go three times a week. 2. I wanted to find a gym that was covered by our health plan so I can get the membership FREE! And 3. Well I can't remember the third, but anyway.

So I was pleased as punch when my trainer, who I have come to really enjoy, was going out on her own! She is doing a really cool idea of a mobile gym. So now she comes to our house 2 times a week and trains both Leo and me. And the price of this training is still LESS than I was paying for just myself at the gym!

So now I torture myself at home. And at night. I really do think it's a good thing. It will kind of change up our nights of watching TV with doing something productive and healthy. It will hopefully help me keep me on my weight loss goal. I also will begin my Krav Maga classes that I was supposed to start in June (but remember that time thing? Jeez it's killing me!). And it's something Leo and I can do together.

Here's to the torture!


LarryG said...

this is awesome!
i have combined calorie counting with weight training lately,
I am at 215 first time in a long long time I have been in the teens!

You go girl!

Angela said...

You guys should try the P90X when you are ready for a change of pace. It has been kicking our collective butts. Up at 4:45 every morning 6 out of 7 days a week for 90 day is a nightmare but worth it. We already feel so much stronger and better. However, we are exhausted!!!!!
oh, please visit the museum in Chattanooga next time you are in town. The kids will love it. Huge water attraction that only has two entrances. Mike stands at one and I stand at another. As long as they have not come through to escape...life is good!

david said...

I am very excited for you and Leo!! What a sweet deal! You're staying healthy and spending time with Leo. Keep up the GREAT work! David and I just recently started hitting the gym and running together. I Love it!