09 August 2009

The "Staycation" Adventure

I had the get away bug last week. I wanted to be anywhere but home. I wanted a change of scenery and a break from temperatures in the 110's plus. I just wanted to get away. After debating on going to San Diego we decided to stay close to home and hit up one of the local resorts in Scottsdale. And Mother Nature was good to us and dropped the temps to the low 100's over the weekend. Aside from the vomit that filled the weekend, it was pretty much perfect.

On Friday we checked into the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. We had a yummy dinner and then hit the pool. We drifted in the lazy river, Sweet Girl went down the water slide but Little Man was denied because he was 2 inches too short, and the kids ran into pool from the zero entry pool area. We roasted marshmallows for s'mores, the kids were good and behaved. We played a bit more in the pool while they got everything setup for the "Dive-in Movie" (obviously a movie shown at the pool area that you can watch while sitting in or around the pool or if you were lucky like us from your room balcony). Then we headed back up to the room because the movie they were showing was not up our kids alley...High School Musical.

We were in a room with two double beds and we ordered a roll away that fit right in between the two. Sweet Girl had that bed. We ordered some room service for a snack of fruit and a sandwich. The kids sat on the balcony to watch the movie for a bit. Then we all crashed about 10:00 PM from our day of fun. It was a great day.

Now for normal people the night would have been uneventful and you would wake up rested, since you were at a resort and all, to go about a good time on Saturday. But we are not normal...Oh no.

2:00 AM Sweet Girl sits up, comes to my side of the bed for some reason I cannot remember now. I walk her back over to her bed, I set her down on the end of the bed because she has requested me to get her duck and penguin. I guess she assumed she was IN the bed and went to lay down. Well that didn't work out too well, as she laid down and fell backwards on to the floor. We're not talking far but you know when it's 2 AM who wants to fall out of a bed whether it's 1.5 feet off the ground or not. She's of course crying, I calm her down and she's back asleep. Not me.

5:30 AM I am sharing a bed with Little Man. Leo and I were going to switch off having a bed to ourself. I think I had just gotten to sleep when I am awoken by the sound of Little Man getting ready to throw up. And throw up he does, I get him far enough on the bed to get it on the comforter. Bad for the hotel but better for us. EVERYONE is up now. It's 5 freaking 30 in the damn morning. I haven't slept good. Leo helps me with a towel, I clean up the bed, take off Little Man's pajamas, lay down a towel under Little Man and now everyone is back to sleep but me. Again.

When everyone wakes up for the morning, it's about 8:30. Little Man seemed fine, so maybe it was just something he ate the day before is my thinking. He's acting just like himself, and I'm thinking this is good. I'm thinking that but I should have KNOWN better. We go to the yummy breakfast buffet which has THE BEST bacon I think I've ever had. Damn it's good. Little Man has a bout of dry heaves. Shame on me that I cover it up to look like he's coughing/chocking. See I should have known better to think he would be fine, but I was still hopeful.
These hopes were completely dashed after we had been at the pool for about 1 hour. The kids had played in the pool, Little Man acted normal until we went to sit on our pool chairs to debate lunch. This would be when he heaves all down the front me. He has a special talent that enables him to puke right in my cleavage that acts like a funnel to move it down the INSIDE of whatever I am wearing. So now I have hot puke running down the inside of my bathing suit, pools of it sitting in "bra shelf" area of my suit as well. I AM IN HEAVEN. OH YES, MY FAVORITE THING HAS HAPPENED AGAIN. How am I so lucky?

I try to clean as much up and wrap myself and him in a towel and head back to the room. I am praying that he doesn't spew in the hallway. We make it back. He goes to sleep and Leo and Sweet Girl head for lunch. I order room service.

We attempt to try dinner, Little Man looks pale and says he wants to go to the room. It is a beautiful night. The weather is good, the temps are tolerable and I have to admit I was disappointed to go back to the room while Leo and Sweet Girl enjoy dinner outside and hearing the bagpipes being played. I again prayed that I would make it back to the room without a hallway puking incident. We made it. Little Man was in his pj's and asleep within 10 mins. I clean up the room a bit, read some of my book, and I am actually enjoying a stupid Lifetime movie and really am enjoying the time pretty much alone and the silence. That is until Little Man wakes and says 'I want something to dri..." and then power hurls whatever liquid is in his stomach. Apparently there was a lot. My precautionary towel measure was no match for that much liquid. I have to call for maid service to send up another set of sheets. I politely tell them my son threw up in the bed, can I please get another set of sheets? Almost 40 mins later I still have no sheets. I am glad at this moment it's only liquid puke and not some horribly chunky mess that I would have had to sit with while I waited. Finally after a second call they come in and give us new sheets and even make the bed for us. That was nice of them.

Now it's time for bed again, I have to admit I am not looking forward to sleeping with Little Man. Especially if we are sleeping face to face. I wake up every time he moved a bit. I again slept like crap. And thankfully we made it through the entire night puke free.

So overall, I had a great time. It was so nice to get away from the house. I am however really kind of freaked out as to what will happen to Little Man when we go to Disney World. I am hoping he doesn't have some weirdo anxiety disorder about going on a trip near or far!
Let's hope this fun weekend is a nice segueway into a good work week!


Kelly said...

OMG! I am sorry he got sick again. Sounds like it was the weekend for it. M threw up all over A at a bbq this weekend. It was hysterical, of course A didn't htink so.
Glad you were able to enjoy a little bit of it.

We Want Tessert said...

Conflicted. Wanting to laugh so hard that I'm spewing myself, but feeling too sorry for you.