20 August 2009

Not So Lucky Victim #3

That would be me. I was victim #3. It all started at 1 AM on Tuesday morning and went downhill fast.

I'll spare you the details except that I lost 5 LBS in ONE day. If I could sustain that weight loss it would be great, but I'm sure as soon as I eat or drink anything it will be right back on. But honestly if I could legitimately lost 5 LBS of weight a day like that, I would suffer through 8 days of it to achieve my weight loss goal. Sad and somewhat sadistic I am sure but hey it worked and it worked fast!

So anyway, I am back to feeling somewhat normal today. I still haven't eaten a great deal and if I do eat a lot my stomach starts to hurt. It's a good deterrent to scarfing down a lot of food. And so far I'm enjoying the applesauce and toast.

I am also sure that Leo will NOT get it. I am convinced he is the carrier of all the virus' and bugs that the kids and I get.


We Want Tessert said...

So sorry, girl! I, too, try to always look on the bright side of a stomach virus/terrible hangover---weight loss! It's sick.

Kelly said...

Oh no.So sorry you were under the weather. Hope you are feeling better.

Natalie said...

Sorry you were sick. :(