13 August 2009

A Nice Break

Today it's raining, well at least this morning it's raining. It probably won't continue all day. But right now I have all the blinds open so I can view the glorious clouds and rain falling from the sky.

It's also cooler. Another thing I love. I'm over the 100+ degree temps. Too bad we have another at least three months of them. Maybe it will cool off earlier this year by some weird twist of nature? I can only hope.

But today I'm enjoying the clouds and rain and I'll even take the humidity that goes with it today!

And hey it's Thursday which puts us one day closer to Friday! And the weekend! It's like the hat trick of goodness.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Dude it better not be 3 more months of 100 degree temps! Usually by the end of September we stop seeing weeks and weeks of 100+ days, there might be one sprinkled in here or there - but those October days better be 90 or less dammit! ;)