16 August 2009

A Tribute To The King

On this day in 1977 Elvis Presley died. It was a dark day in Rock n Roll and especially in our household. Elvis was quite loved by my Father and my Grandma Jean. I wasn't even two when Elvis died, but he played a vital role in my childhood. We listened to a lot of Elvis, I have fond memories of Blue Christmas and I can still see the album cover when my Father put the album on the player. But aside from his music which as I said was played alot, he also dished out some discipline via Heaven.

Oh yes, I was disciplined by Elvis via a phone call from Heaven. I really am not sure exactly HOW this came about but basically here is how it went down. I would misbehave and my Father would say to me "Do I need to call Elvis in Heaven?". Sometimes it would work and my behavior corrected. But sometimes, I got THE CALL. My Father would pick up the phone and "call" Elvis in Heaven, explain what I was doing to Elvis. He would hand me the phone and go to the other room where he would talk like Elvis to advise on corrective behavior.

I didn't tell a lot of people about this until I got older, as you can imagine the ridicule I would receive in grade telling people I got to talk to Elvis in Heaven last night. Hell I'm sure even when I told people as an adult they were probably think I was on the loony side. Are you??

But oh well if you are, I turned out OK. I guess thanks to good parenting and an Elvis in Heaven intervention every once in a while.

I was kind of expecting to have some good Elvis feelings when we went to Graceland because I had of course "talked" to Elvis in Heaven. But unfortunately, I had no paranormal experience at Graceland. No channeling, no sightings, no feelings. I was just a regular old visitor amazed at Elvis' taste in rooms like the "jungle room".

My children have not had the pleasure to talk to Elvis in Heaven yet, but they can recognize him and his music. Give it time, I'm sure he'll be calling soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Thank You , Thank You very much


stephanie (bad mom) said...

Wow, that is a fanfreakingtastic story. Seriously, your dad is a genius.