03 August 2009


It's been way over a week since my last post. I know it's getting worse. I'm sure my readership level is down to nothing. That makes me sad, I need to improve it but that requires more posts which requires time to write them and right now time is not something I have in excess.

I miss the blog posting. It was so helpful when I moved here, kept me from being committed. I enjoyed doing it. And I still enjoy doing it but now work is getting in the way. Damn work.

The kids are good, well this weekend they were abducted by aliens and replaced with an evil replacement that had some discipline issues. There was a lot crying,whining and sibling fighting resulting in yelling and guilt this weekend.

We saw Ice Age 3 on Saturday. Little Man was very funny. He laughed out loud a number of times, he also screamed out loud a few times. He asked incessant questions in a non movie voice level. These included some of the following:
  • What is that mommy?
  • What are they doing mommy?
  • What kind of dinosaur is that mommy?
  • Is that dinosaur sad mommy?
  • Look mommy a baby!
  • What is that noise mommy?
  • What is that mommy?
  • Where are the dinosaurs going mommy?
We got looks. I tried to make him use his "whisper voice" but that didn't work. Oh well, what did they expect it's a kids movie. We'll have to work on the movie voice.

We are in potty training hell. Little Man will NOT go pee at home for anything. I have bribed that kid with just about everything under the sun. He will pee at school all day long. I don't get it. I've stopped trying and given up. We've resorted back to pull ups at home...and he hates underwear so he goes commando at school. I even told him he didn't have to wear underwear. I mean who cares that your 3 year old is free balling it right? I mean if it works then great, but even that didn't work out for us at home. He is potty tramatzied and I'm not even sure how it happened? Oy.

Work is calling, time to go. My non working time during work hours has been used up.


Kim O. said...

Oh how I've missed your blog! I'll admit I've been just as guilty slacking on following it as you have been lately on posting, but it's all good. Freeballing it...ha ha! Love it! :) I've recently discovered boys do not potty train well. Avery was trained by this age and Sy still calls it poop when he goes pee. ?? Fun days ahead, I'm sure.

Stu said...

I'm sorry you're finding less time to write - it is surprisingly difficult sometimes to keep a rhythm; you'll get your groove back, I'm sure :D

But kids at movies = perfect blog fodder. I may have had that exact series of questions lobbed at me in a theater once upon a time, except instead of dinosaurs it was monsters; same dirty looks from the same jokers who somehow weren't prepared for children at a Disney flick.

Hang in there!

Kelly said...

At least you guys made it through IA3...we left because cookie had a blanket over her head and claimed to be scared.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



selena said...

Kyle kept saying "uh oh!" loudly at the movies which caused all the other kids to do the same throughout the theater. He was worried about the mouse being chased in Tale of Desperaux. We do the cheapie $2 summer kids movies here. Older movies.
(oh and a huge LOL on the "free balling" part! too funny!)
Potty training sucks!!!!!!!!!!