18 August 2008

Back To School Insanity

The other day I was looking through the mail and started to flip through a local magazine. It was all about back to school. Back to school fashion and other various tips about what styles will be popular. Well let me just say, I feel sorry for my kids when it’s back to school time for us. On one of the pages it listed an outfit and other accessories, among them:
A $135 pair of jeans! (yeah I don’t think so)
A $105 watch (really, not necessary)
A $18.99 top (now that’s more like it)
And here is the kicker…
A $398 Coach bag to be used as a book bag. Are you fucking serious? Come on. There is no way I would be spending that kind of money on a book bag. If Sweet Girl wants to work her butt off and save for that kind of luxury back pack well then more power to her, but I think before she drops almost 400 dollars on something we should have a talk about wants and needs.
And to prove that there are kids that actually are walking around high school with the $398 Coach bag, we were at the Cold Stone and lucky for us (read with sarcasm) the local high school cheerleaders were having a fundraiser and were working at the Cold Stone. Yay…(rolling my eyes). And there sitting in the corner with all the books and bags was the Coach bag. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was in all its glory.
Now I’ll admit my kids do have a lot of Ralph Lauren clothes. But none of it was ever bought unless it was on a wicked good sale, such as a polo dress marked down from the ungodly price of $59 to $5! I have a feeling that the Coach bag is never reduced THAT much…
Here is my back to school tip, go to Goodwill.


Anonymous said...

Ugh the wants and needs talk....
I myself plan on buying Olivia a coach bag to take to her babysitter. And another one to have in the van...yup sure am.
What are people thinking???
I am with you on the Goodwill shopping!!

kelly said...

wow...that's what's wrong with kids these days.

Chrissy said...

Here is to homeschooling! lol. I am totally with you though, its ridiculous what parents spend on kids clothes and book bags. Unreal.