20 August 2008

An Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

I am wondering just how clean and straight your house is on a daily basis? If you have kids and you work outside the house too, is your home spotless and everything put away in it's place? If so, how in the hell do you do this? This is a constant battle I seem to be fighting and add in Leo's thought that every one's house looks the same way everyday all day as it does when we're invited over for dinner or a visit is not helping this issue. We know OUR house isn't that spotless and straight as it is when we have company over so why he thinks this is the case with others is beyond me but oh my get ready...I could be wrong.
So am I wrong?? Do all you people live in everyday clean and spotless homes with no clutter to be seen?? And if you do, please I ask again share your secret.
I am not saying our house is an absolute pigsty and that you can't walk through it without tripping on something every day. I'm talking general clutter mostly in the kitchen. The mail and other assorted items that get piled on the counter, etc. This is my problem. How do you control THAT? What do you do with it all?

Come on, share away please. Share share share, didn't your mother teach you this was a good thing to do??


Natalie said...

"A place for everything and everything in its place", right?? HAAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAAA

Basha's Mama said...

The kitchen is our worst area - thus why no pictures are ever taken in it. We can control the clutter in other areas but neither of us likes to do dishes so they normally pile up. Also don't look too closely at my bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember you guys always knew we were having company cause all the cleaning I would do???
Remember "Dull women have immaculate homes".
Love Mom

Hun said...

I'm a Stay at home Mom and my house is full of clutter. Our big problem areas are the end tables in the livng room and the kitchen counter and table. Things just pile up there, until I get sick of seeing it and then I sort through it, LOL.

kelly said...

true friends won't care if they come over and your house isn't perfect. a messy house just proves that someone actually lives there. don't worry about making a big cleaning frenzy before I get there.

Anonymous said...

I have been out of town...so sorry for the delay in replying. So, Danielle, you know how my house is! :) Now, I do have Leanne's stuff out, but if is belongs in a box or bag, I put that up nightly. If not me, David does it. Both of us like it neat. But our weakness is the kitchen bar. That is the dumping ground and Leanne cannot reach it. Also, the house is just so dusty and hairy due to Steve (Steve is the dog for those wondering!). Since I do work from home, I do mop/vacuum twice a week...otherwise it would be like 2 a month.... :) I will say...I am not sure the last time I cleaned the bathroom... he he I promise to clean it before anyone comes over! From there, I might move the toys before someone comes over, but if they see the mess...who cares! :)