08 August 2008

A Peek Into The Teenage Years

I think we're in trouble. I think we're in BIG trouble. Sure Sweet Girl has been talking about her former love at the preschool in Tennessee but now there are some here too. The only difference is we seem to have advanced a little bit. When she talked about the previous little boy, she wanted him to come over to play. The new boy, Matthew, she wants him to come over to her house and play too, but there's more. Oh yes, more. She also wants him to spend the night and sleep in her room. Of course yes it's sweet little 3.5 year old innocent love but still, holy smokes. Poor Leo.

Earlier this week when I picked her up from school, as soon as I got in her classroom Matthew gets up and requests his hug. She shirks him off much to his dismay. So we're leaving but she doesn't want to leave yet...she had to go back and give him a hug. Cute I'm thinking. Until yesterday when we're driving home, she suddenly realized that she didn't give Matthew a hug OR A KISS. Yes we went from hugs only earlier in the week to kissing at the end. Kids these days sure move a lot faster. That does frighten me a little bit. Will things change so much that when it's sleep over time, they will be co-ed sleep overs that are the norm????
She seems to be a boy magnet at her school, this she apparently didn't get from her mother. I was the exact opposite in school.

So now my friends, I shall start to prepare myself for the teenage years of boys and sleep overs and heartache of all sorts.


Kim said...

That's what you get for giving birth to such a gorgeous daughter. It's your own fault! My guess would be that Little Man will be beating the girls off with sticks sometime soon, too.

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter!

Chrissy said...

Thank God. I thought I was the only one with a daughter doing this! Hannah does the same thing except usually her men are older (ACK!).

kelly said...

LOL...looks like she's finally what M has has been giving us for months now. Did you tell Leo? HOw did he react? Sean was truly heart broken when M told him she kissed a boy. I too thought it was cute. Daddy not so much!