06 August 2008

Lost In Translation

Here are some translations in case you're around our house and wonder what the heck the kids are talking about:

Sweet Girl's slang:
Coconuts - Polka Dots
Putier (prounounced pu-tee-er)- Computer *I'm not sure where she came up with this one.
Yeg - Leg

Little Man's slang:
Jute - Juice
Baby suit - bathing suit
Topit - Stop It

Just a few of them. I shouldn't really exploit their mispronunciations for the enjoyments of readers. I wish you could HEAR them saying these words, it is pretty funny.


Michele said...

I remember 'monkey food'! :)

Basha's Mama said...

My favorite of Sami's is:

"Mommy, you're a grill and I'm a boy."

For some reason he just cannot get the "gir" v. "gri" sound straight in his mind.