16 August 2008

Poop Check

Sweet Girl has somewhat taken on the task of checking Little Man for poop. It just came about due to the fact they are always playing so close so it was easy to just ask her if he had poop when I got a wiff of something. And if you ask Little Man if he has poop his answer is ALWAYS no. She's good about it and doesn't think anything of opening the back of his pants and peering in. She'll either reply with the resounding No or the 'Yes Little Man has stinky poop'.
I guess all good things like this are bound to backfire on you at some point. And we experienced that last night AT. THE. MALL.
We headed to the mall and ate dinner at the bread company and then to play in the play area. It is inevitable that Little Man poops after we eat dinner AND they are playing somewhere. So I was prepared with a diaper and ready for the diaper change. I headed over to the Bare Escentuals store to get some lipstick because all my tubes have disappeared. As I'm leaving the store I see Leo quickly rounding the kids up and getting them out of the play area. Strange I thought until I see the look on his face. Hmmm...something is amiss. I get to them as they are leaving the area where he motions me to look at Sweet Girl's dress. I must have had a questioning look on my face as I'm looking at her dress with light brown streaks going down the front. Leo answers my look with 'It's poop', but I hear 'it's puke'.
Me: Who puked?
Leo: No it's POOP.
Me: So Little Man has poop and she checked?
Leo: Yes and then got it on her finger and wiped it down her dress.
Me: Great.

Off to Barnes & Noble to change Little Man's pants which happens to be right up to the top of his diaper any more falling on his bum and it would have leaked out the top. So it's no wonder that Sweet Girl got it on her fingers when doing her poop check. It would have happened to Leo or myself if we had checked him. I guess as Leo pointed out, we wouldn't have wiped it down the front of our clothes...
So Little Man has new pants, Sweet Girl's hands have been scrubbed and we head home.

I guess it's a good thing he didn't blow it out all over the play equipment. That would have been just horrible!


Anonymous said...

I quote the quote Dr. Bob used to say to us about you guys "God love 'em"
Love GaGa

Kelly said...

LOL...that was great. And M also checks lil sis. I swear our girls will live parallel lives.

Chrissy said...

Oh. My. God. lol, I am sure not funny at the time, but since it didn't happen to me, its kinda funny...lol

Basha's Mama said...

This reminds me of one of my more recent "Great Moments in Parenting" episodes. Sami was supposed to be taking a nap but I heard him hollering at me. And somewhere in the hollering I hear the word "poop" but don't think much of it since he's still in pull-ups. Finally after 10 or so minutes I went in and there was poop all over him, the bed, his stuffed animals, etc. Yeah - good times.