25 August 2008

Evolution of A Party

We had a get together on Saturday afternoon/evening. As I was preparing everything for the party, I had a realization. My realization came as I was making these:

They are mini "caramel" apples and amazingly mine turned out and looked like the ones pictured above (courtesy of Family Fun Magazine). As I was balling the apple (yes with a melon baller), and getting shot in the eye with apple juice, I realized I was worried about having enough apples to go around. This struck me as funny because at any previous party we had (before kids that is) I was probably not worried at all about food but instead if we had enough jager to go around, would it be cold enough, will there be enough beer, is anyone going to pass out in the grass again, are the cops going to get called this time, etc etc. Not anything like what I was thinking while balling these apples. I was wondering will there be enough for the kids to do, maybe I should have gotten some chalk or special thing they can play with, will there be enough food for everyone, well you get the picture. The exact opposite thoughts of any previous party we would have thrown.
Yes we did have beer at this party and well we even had some summer beer (a yummy concoction of beer, vodka and limeade). But no one, well except one person, drank a great amount and got lit. And while all the previous parties didn't really get going until 9:30, this one was over before then and I was in bed at 9:30.
My my how times change.


Basha's Mama said...

Were you the "one person" who drank too much? ;)

We'll be in AZ from 12/16-26. We'll have to plan some type of get together while we're there!

Danielle said...

HA HA - You would think after balling an apple with a melon baller, I would have been the one that drank too much...But for the record, nope wasn't me. :)

kelly said...

Dang you are getting old. LOL