12 August 2008

Nasty Cereal

I have a fond dislike for chocolate cereal. This is probably due to my mother's refusal to buy it for us as kids and the constant reminder that chocolate cereal is gross. And so I now think this way too. Chocolate cereal IS gross. This is probably how my strange obsession with healthy fiber filled cereal began. I LOVE a cereal that has fiber in it but it has to have a lot of fiber in it. Actually I will admit I love ANYTHING with fiber in it. I just basically love fiber. I enjoy, despite much ridicule from my friend Michele and sister in law Liz, fiber filled yogurt. Yes it's really good, although they do not agree. Woohoo 6 easy grams of fiber in that tasty little cup. Ok, well sorry for my fiber tangent and we'll go back to chocolate cereal (it has no fiber I might add as my last fiber comment).

Leo bought the kids Coco Puffs, shockingly they were on sale for $1.68 which is unheard of for a box of cereal these days, (hmm..I wonder why...). I thought well surely the kids won't like this cereal, because hello!!! it's gross. What the hell was I thinking? What kid wouldn't like chocolaty goodness filling their breakfast bowl changing the milk to some nasty color of brown resembling the color of my previous wall paint? Oh certainly not my kids...WRONGO. They loved it, they welcomed it into their morning routine with love. I am grossed out. Why can't they like Fiber One? I might have to turn into my mother on this one and refuse to buy it again. Maybe their love of it will wear off quickly as with everything else they run into these days. I can only hope...I must begin my plan of making them love fiber as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

hahah I don't like chocolate cereal either (although Kasha has a chocolate granola which is pretty good). I however do love anyother kind of sugary cereal but do not buy it. I am a fan of Life or any of the Special K. Good to know huh

Anonymous said...

And also remember NOT to buy cereal that resembles cookies, it just is'nt right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Mom

kelly said...

get over your obsession and let your kids enjoy their chocolate cereal. =)

Anonymous said...

Uh, they don't like Fiber One because it is NASTY!!!!!
And the yogurt does too taste funny.
I don't understand the fiber thing. I just don't.
Max and Harper like Cheerios and Fruit Cheerios, but that's about it. My mom wouldn't let us have sugar cereal either. We could only have healthy stuff. When I got to college I ate bowls of Lucky Charms for dinner as a result.


Basha's Mama said...

Thank God, I thought I was the only one forcing my children to eat cereal with tons of fiber. Sami's favorite is shredded wheat - am I creating some kind of weird child? If so, he'll be able to hang out with your kids. BTW - we'll be in AZ for Christmas to visit my family. Maybe we can meet up at some point.

micshell73 said...

I love Cocoa Pebbles...that is the best cereal in the world. :) Now, that fiber in yogurt..that is just wrong! However, they are pumping fiber into the sugar cereals. So, now when I eat my Cocoa Pebbles, I am getting some fiber! And Fiber One...that is tree bark.

micshell73 said...

One thing I forgot, I read somewhere about letting kids have the sugar cereal, but for dessert. I thought that was interesting for at least they are getting some nutrients from the cereal. I am not sure how that will work.