14 August 2008

Dark Blue

This morning I woke up to the lovely sight of a dark blue sky. I love the dark blue of rain clouds especially when it's still sunny in some spots; I think it casts a wonderful glow on everything. And plus I like rain but the sky leading up to the rain I have always found to be so pretty and calming. Even if it looks like the sky is about to fall out. When I got to work, as I was walking to the door and I smelled the familiar scent of rain. But will it really rain? Who knows and if it does I probably won't know because I'm stuck inside an office surrounded by cube walls, surrounded by office walls with no access to a window at all. It's sad really because if I had an office I would open the blinds and enjoy the beautiful site of clouds and rain.
I really should live somewhere else. Rain and Phoenix generally are not used in the same sentence except maybe 4-5 times a year...

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