22 August 2008

The Joys of Small Children

I have found that even though sometimes I am at my wits end, there are so many joys of small children.
Hmm...well really I can't think of any.
Ha just kidding...

  • They are totally in love with you.
  • Their laugh.
  • Their determination.
  • They are borderline OCD and it's really OK.
  • Their imagination.
  • Their wonder at the small things.
  • Their excitement.
  • Their clothing choices.
  • Their accomplishments.
  • Their sleeping through the night.
  • Their soft hands on your face.
  • Their head on your shoulder.
  • Sleeping in your arms.
  • Their love of snuggling.
  • Their love of movement.

There are so many but these are my some of my favorite things I've enjoyed experiencing with Sweet Girl and Little Man.

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