07 August 2008

Bad Timing...AGAIN!!!

While I know I haven't blogged about it too much, I have really enjoyed the past few weeks with my parents being here. We've had a really great time and the kids have really enjoyed having Gaga and Grandad around again. As have Leo and I. The visit with my sister and her family was wonderful as well. It has been really fun. We did have a small little issue due to my weird issue of not acting happy when people are around to the point I actually act the opposite. I AM happy but don't act like it. I'm not really sure WHY I do this but I apparently do, but not on purpose (yes I know you're thinking gosh she needs some therapy and you're probably right...). But I have REALLY enjoyed having them around, I have missed them terribly and am totally depressed that they are leaving. If I am not careful I will probably start crying but since I also have weird issues of crying in front of people it is unlikely anyone else would know.
They have done a crapload of work on their house, probably more then they should have at their tender young ages. They have busted their ass to get their house ready to sell to be able to move out West to be close to us and closer to my sister and her family. It is a nice feeling that they will be here soon. But since this posts seems to be highlighting some of my issues, I have another one to deal with here and that is instant gratification. I want them here NOW. I am tired of waiting. I am not good at it.
If you remember last time they left, it was PMS week and guess what it's PMS week AGAIN. They really need to work on their departure days. But hopefully next time they come visit, they won't leave so that will be a moot point.
(I can't believe I just used the word 'moot', I find it such a funny word and for some strange reason it reminds me of the Rick Springfield song 'Jessie's Girl'...I know I know, I'll call the therapist).


Anonymous said...

Thanks, now I have to re-apply my makeup. We can't wait to get out here either, it just doesn't seem right to be leaving,like I said before the last story read Friday night will be the real kicker. We love you dearly.
Love Mom & Father

Anonymous said...

I think you are getting "moot" from the Twilight books. Edward uses it alot.
P.S they will be back so just think of it as something to look forward too :)

Kim said...

I am sad for you. I know how you feel. My mom is my very best friend in the whole wide world and I have no idea what I would do without her. How about I just give you a big hug? ((((HUG))))