15 August 2008

A Hug A Day

Sweet Girl is now getting a daily hug from little Matthew as she leaves. It is sort of sweet the way he escorts her to me and gives her a hug, but still it does freak me out. And poor Leo. He is REALLY freaking out.

Today is movie day at school and Sweet Girl wanted to bring a movie so she's debating with Leo about Toy Story because the boys will like that movie. Then she asks him:
"Do you think Matthew will like this mobie?" (Not a typo, she can't prounouce her V's, they sounds like B's, I'm trying to stay true to life here...)
Leo: "Well I don't know"
Sweet Girl: "Ok, I'll bring Shrek"

I'm not really sure how she ended up with Shrek but who knows when dealing with the mind of an almost four year old (holy crap, almost four!!!! How DOES that happen so fast????).


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I am not looking forward to that at all...I cannot even imagine how Dan will react.

Anonymous said...

I always said when you have kids time flys, and when you become a grandparent it really flys. I still think it not to be fair the older you get the slower you get but the time goes by faster and faster....just how does that happen??????
Love Mom