13 August 2008

The Love of Little Man

Little Man loves me. He is such a sweet boy and will apparently do anything for me. He accompanied me to the bathroom yesterday. I was happy because I would be more then elated to get the kid potty trained and be rid of diapers forever (or at least until a third comes along. It hasn't been ruled out YET...). So as I finished peeing, I got some toilet paper and he does the same. I thought he was going to just throw it in the toilet but when I leaned up he proceeded to try and wipe my bum. He wiped a cheek and then throws it in the waste basket instead of the toilet. I thought it was funny because he was so focused on his task. He also caught me a little off guard.
Now if he would just move on to peeing in the potty himself, we would be all good!

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

haha, that is absolutely adorable! Another story for the blackmail file!