26 March 2009

Best Thing I've Heard In A While

My sweet Little Man loves his momma so. And he is just so sweet and loving and so very giving. Sometimes he's a little on the insistent side especially when he's trying to push food on you. But anyway, last night Little Man was in the bathroom with me after a shower and he was trying to put lotion on my leg. Nice gesture except it was my facial moisturizer and thank goodness he didn't know how to work the bottle. He got a little bit though and rubbed it on my calf. He then looks up at me and says. "You look pretty mommy"
Oh it was great. I loved hearing him say it just because he is so sweet.

This does however pose a dilemma for me, as the other day he was looking at my hair and told me it was pretty and was putting it behind my shoulder for me. I asked him if I should cut it, and he told me "NO, NO it's pretty now". But maybe he said no because he doesn't like to get his hair cut? I hope so, I don't need him freaking out because I've cut my hair!

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

Somehow being called pretty by your children is exponentially more significant than other people's compliments.

Sweetness :)