15 March 2009


Because all things weird and freakish happen to us, it should come as not surprise to you that we were swarmed by bees inside and out of the garage. Yes fun times. And even more fun is that most bees in AZ are africanized.

So we come home from our economy boosting shopping trip (the result I'm typing this on my new laptop...woohoo!!! But I digress, more on that later I'm sure.) and pull into the garage. I hear an abnormally loud buzzing sound and I'm trying to figure out what it is. I go to the door and realize there are things flying about, the garage ceiling is high so it's difficult to see exactly what they are. I question Leo what he thinks and he doesn't look at anything but just tells me they are probably moths.

Moths? Yeah OK....That is the I think you have issues with noises answer and I am not really paying attention to you right now answer.

Then he sees them and he's like well those are bees. I freak out a bit and basically throw the kids to the door of the house and tell them to get in. Because there are ALOT of them.

We get all the stuff in and then try to determine WHY and WHERE they may have come from to join our lovely home. We had a garage door opener on our 3rd door (and before you get all like wow you have three garages, it's fairly common here in AZ to have a 3 car garage, it's almost like having grass in your yard in TN...so not a big deal trust me)and the garage door was open for a while. I don't really think this is where they came from but I have no other logical answer to offer. It is decided, however, that Leo is going to the store for spray.

He exits the garage and I go and turn off the light in hopes they go outside. He comes back in and requests my presence out in front of the garage. And there are MORE. MORE of them all over our garage lights AND more on the ground dead. Very odd. Now it's even weirder.
I advise that I think that if he gets spray he's going to really PISS them off. So in we come to our new trusty laptop and good ol'internet for information. But what do you search on? I searched on 'bees dropping dead' and apparently there is a colony collapse disorder that can cause this. I am well educated on the the dying and death of bees now.

We find a bee man who actually calls Leo back at 10:00 PM even though he didn't leave a message. We are set for professional bee killing for Sunday morning...Relief.
Although I swear when I got up to go the bathroom at midnight or so I heard a loud buzzing and I thought OMG they are in the attic...

Leo gets up Sunday morning to go investigate the bees. And he runs into the neighbor. It's the neighbors house that was the origin of our swarm and they were dying because he already sprayed them. So by the morning the bees were pretty much all dead and on the driveway.

So I am thankful that it wasn't weirder than that. Because you know we like to roll with the weird stuff.

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Basha's Mama said...

My parents have dealt with bee colonies a few times. I hate them. The great news is if you don't kill the whole colony & queen they'll just find a new place to call home. Bee professionals are the way to go. :)