16 March 2009

The Ostrich Festival

Well we have a good Sunday full of fun at the Ostrich Festival. A fun Chandler tradition that includes basically a midway and other fun events, including an Ostrich race. We only barely saw one Ostrich race because we are short people and we arrived late to the race location.

The kids had a ball on all the midway rides. They rode many things and had a good time eating crap food and an assload of kettle corn. I was good and ate my apples and almonds I brought with me. We rode the Ferris wheel which was fine when we got going but I was not very comfortable while we were loading and the car was rocking. I was on the verge of freaking out and my toes were so clenched, then we started moving and it was better. We also rode the "haunted" house. I put it in quotes because it was more of loud house. Not so scary but loud and annoying. It was also very hot and I am sporting a nicely sexy farmers tan. Yay It's nice.

We were all pretty waxed when we got home. Sun, heat and walking around for 4 hours will do that to you. But overall it was fun and I am glad we went.

If you want to see more about the ostrich festival, click here.

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