18 March 2009

No More Toddler Cothes Here

It was a very sad day yesterday when I was out getting a couple things at Target, I thought I would get a few new things for the kids. Well I had to move to the 'Girls' section for Sweet Girl. No more T clothes here, she's in a Girls XS. I guess this just makes me sad. She is really growing up. She's going to 5 for pete's sake. 5!!!

It's time to create a new book for her. She loves to look at the 1st year book I created using Heritage Makers so I will create a new one for her to enjoy.
I also need to create Little Man's too. I'm sure you have a story or trip or family member you would like to remember forever. Or maybe you have an assload of digital prints. You really should do something with them. And I can help you! Sure we may be slightly more expensive than say Shutterfly or Snapfish, but our quality and options puts the smack down on them. And you get ME to help you if you need it! Try calling Shutterfly or Snapfish at midnight for help!

Ok, well I have gone off on a tangent again, what was supposed to be about Sweet Girl growing up turned into a plug for my home based kick ass business. But really they are totally connected. In an effort to REMEMBER her and these times, the books are a great way to document that. The purpose of preserving memories and stories of her growing up is important. Don't you think? You should email me or check out www.OurFamilyTales.com and you create your own books or calendars or cards or whatever. It's easy and fun. You don't have to be a scrapbooker, you don't have to be creative (hello there are over 850 templates to pick from!), you just have to have pictures and memories!


Judy said...

Wow, this was worse than the product placement ads on Biggest Loser - you know when I have a sweet craving I chew Extra, Sugar Free gum... *lol* I did look at the main site once but was a bit confused on how it all worked. Perhaps I should look again and email you with questions, or call at midnight but that would be 2 a.m. TN time. Can I call you at 5 or 6 am AZ time? :)

Danielle said...

Hey - I enjoyed my shameless plug!

Kelly said...

Ha, M is still in 3T and is actually sharing clothes with A now.