30 March 2009

A Lovely Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. I got a haircut and color and a brow wax on Saturday afternoon. It was nice and I love my hair, it feels and I think looks a lot better. I'll be updating my pic soon. I also had to chuckle when I asked the stylist "Exactly how many different products did you use on my hair?" and her reply was "hang on let me count....we used six" SIX different types of product. Holy Crap, considering most days I use one. I could have spent about the same amount on product as I did on my actual cut and color and wax! I did find most of them online so I ordered at a discount.
Then we had a yummo dinner at a place called Oregano's. It was finished with a "pizza cookie" which we all enjoyed, especially the kids.
Sunday when the kids woke up they came and layed around in our bed for a bit. I love having us all in the bed together. I don't know why I just enjoy it so. Little Man sat there and stared at me while I was snoozing (according to Leo) and would smile and touch my face. It's nice to be loved like that. He's so sweet!!

Sweet Girl and I went and had a pedicure. She did a great job sitting there letting them work on her toes. She was so excited about her new paint and little flower she had. She asked me later when she was putting socks on if it would take off the paint. Funny.
Later in the afternoon we went to the zoo, it was a couple hours before it closed so we rode the train and saw the Wallaby's and some other animals we hadn't seen before. It was cooler and breezy. It was pretty fun.

And then we came home to get ready for bed and begin yet another work week. Only a few more weeks until my parents arrive!!! YAY!! We're counting down the days.


Basha's Mama said...

Oreganos.... Oh my.... We had one in Flagstaff and it's always so yummy. I have dreams about the Piz-ookie. I can't wait to have "spa" days with Amanda. :)

Crystal said...

Ahh....you have discovered the Piz-ookie. I was first introduced to Oregano's by a gal I worked with when I first moved back to AZ. Yummy!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend!