12 March 2009

Little Man's Future Profession?

We always thought Little Man might end up playing football. He was a stocky little baby and if you used his initals you can spell out Great LineBacker...But now I'm not convinced. While he still likes to watch football on TV, he might be going down a different road. Let me set the scenario for you. I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet.
I was followed in here by Little Man. And here's what happened:

LM: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: Going to the bathroom
He's now trying to get close to me to get to the side of the toilet.

LM: Let me see.
Me: Ah, I'm just going pee
LM: Open your legs mommy, open your legs I want to see.
At this point he proceeds to attempt to open my legs.

Me: Ah Little Man, I'm finished going potty and am going to get up now.
Now he moves to the basket that houses the toilet paper and pantyliners. He pulls out a panty liner and basically INSISTS that I use it. He takes the backing off and hands it to me.

LM: Here mommy.
ME: No I don't need one.
LM: YES YOU NEED ONE. (he's very insistent now...)
LM: Here mommy.
ME: What am I supposed to do with this?
LM: Put it on your butt.

So there you go. Wondering what I think his career path is going to be? He's going to be a gynecologist.
Because this situation has happened more than once...


Crystal said...

hahaha!! That totally made me laugh out loud! gynos make a lot of money, so you should be set for life. ;) (I think football players make more though...tee hee)

AMB said...

he'll follow in doc's footsteps! lol