11 March 2009

It's Wednesday!

I am happy it's Wednesday. Why? I'm really not sure, other than we are that much closer to Friday!

I don't have anything exciting to share today though. I can't even come up with any randomness to share.

I'm going to the gym shortly to hopefully keep on with the removal or really reshaping of my ass...I'll be happy when this journey is over. Although I guess the journey of being healthy and fit is never over so I guess I should say I'll be happy when it gets easier. Losing weight is hard and while I think I am a fairly strong woman in other areas of my life. My and the food, well we battle and it usually wins. Until now, now I'm winning again and I'm reminding myself daily of what my goal is and how the getting there is really only short term. So I should be able to suck anything up short term. I had a talk with my trainer and she made some good points, I eat bad foot as a rebellion factor. And she's right. Boy is she right. So I'll be rebelling only on certain days which will help me I think. Because I'm tired of battling and I'm tired of losing (the battle not the weight...).
I hoped on the scale this morning and saw a number I was happy with. Now I just have to keep on, and really from this point forward as long as the number is smaller than the last weigh in I'll be happy.

OK, well I ended up with a post after all...


Crystal said...

You go girl! (sorry, I should be working and can't come up with anything wittier than that) ;)

Holli said...

I know losing weight can be hard, but you are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work, and don't forget to reward yourself.