23 March 2009

Garage Sale Success

We had a pretty successful garage sale and got rid of all the stuff we needed to. The remaining unpurchased items were taken to Goodwill after the sale ended. It is nice to be free of that stuff.
And we'll probably make another trip to the GW as we sift through the stuff we decided needed to be kept.

I think it stressed Little Man out a bit that people were leaving with some of his toys. He was like the eyes of the sale, and would alert us when someone left with a toy or other item. It was kind of funny. But I did feel bad that he looked sad as some of his stuff left.

We also did some rearranging of the laundry room by taking down some upper cabinets to move them to the garage in order to move the second fridge inside. It doesn't like to be in a garage when it's about 125 degrees in there in the summer (on a good day). It's a big energy suck out there, so it's being moved. It's a good thing, means easier access to beer. Or in my case fish. I eat a lot of fish on my weight loss journey. You can't beat the grams of protein for the calorie count!

And now it's Monday again. I really would like to get to the point where all my days were Saturdays and Sundays.

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Crystal said...

I bow to you...I've been "meaning" to have a garage sale for about a year...but haven't had the wherewithal to actually go through with it. Help!