25 March 2009

Working Out For Oreos

I usually work out every day in the morning and then go to the gym in the afternoon as well for 3 days. I enjoy working out to Turbo Jam DVD but every once in a while I feel the need for something different.
So yesterday's workout was picked from Exercise TV On Demand. I picked a Biggest Loser cardio workout. It was a pretty good one as well.
And you know how they have those pop up ads that come into the corners of the shows these days? Well they did that on the workout, except it wasn't something like Powerade Zero or something like that, it was for OREOS! Actually it was for Oreo Cakesters...WHAT THE HELL?
Here I am sweating my ass off trying to remove the oreos from my thighs and you're showing me an ad for them?
Did that seriously just come up? And the answer is yes, yes it did.


Michelle said...

ohmygoodness! that is just mean! Oreos are my weekness!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

That is purely wicked.

Another reason for me to avoid exercise. [heh]