10 March 2009

PROMTuesday #46- I've Been Humbled

I had this on my resolutions list to do the PROMPTuesday’s over at San Diego Momma. So today I’m going to. And if you haven’t checked her out, you really need to. She is funny and open and her posts always either hit something in me or make me laugh. Thus the reason I go back every day.

So today’s PROMPT is about being humble. Here’s the deal: Write a story about when you last were humbled, felt humbled by the presence of something/someone in your life, or lay prostrate at the feet of the universe and said “I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I will now relinquish control and let you take over.”

So I can tell you exactly the last time I felt humbled. It was Sunday when I was interviewing Sweet Girl for her answers about me. Her answer to this question: If Mom became famous what would it be for? Her answer: For Being Happy.
It stung a little actually, because I’ve struggled so much over the last year with the move and just adjusting to live in Arizona. I have been selfish in my feelings of wanting to go back to Tennessee. Selfish because I’ve been focusing on the wrong things and how I’ve not really been happy. Then it hit me exactly how much impact I have on her outlook and view of the world and happiness. Now this may be obvious to others out there, and yes I did know it as well but sometimes when life gets busy and kids are being kids and sometimes misbehaving it’s easy to forget. And I admit it I forgot it. And in her moment of pure innocence she made me remember. There is nothing more important in life than being happy. Being happy with what you have, accepting the things that are not going to change right now and really just being happy to be alive. So I have been humbled and reminded that there is something bigger than me. And now I feel I’ve been issued a challenge, a challenge to be happy and enjoy the life I have. Will it make me famous? You bet it will, I’ll be famous because Sweet Girl and Little Man will grow up and be happy too, and love life and I’ll know I had a big hand in that.


Anonymous said...

Wow leave it to the honesty and innocence of a child thats why they say it's too bad kids have to grow up beautiful just beautiful got tears.

g said...

Wow. How perceptive children are. This is a marvelous post.

blognut said...

Kids have a way of putting you in your place, don't they?

San Diego Momma said...

I had no idea how much I would need these words this week until I read them.

Our children can be such healers, can't they?

San Diego Momma said...

...And thanks so much for your kind words! :)

Crystal said...

Don't you know I'm at WORK when I read blogs?? Every single person's PROMPTuesday has made me tear up dammit!

If it's any consolation, I'm glad you're here in AZ instead of Tennessee! :)