26 February 2009

Am I Really THAT Bad?

Here is a picture that Sweet Girl drew. It's our whole family and a house. Besides the fact that none of us have actual bodies just a head with legs and arms, have you noticed that only one of us looks basically crazy? Well that is ME. I am the red faced character with my mouth wide open. So am I to assume that she views me as a crazy person who yells all the time? When I inquired about my face, she initially told me it was my tongue...yeah right. That's a nice way to say 'Mom I'm only 4 but I think you're a crazy bitch'.

Sorry I know it's not very dark but I'm sure you can see that I am red faced and crazy looking one.

I guess I need to modify my image according to one of my kids...


Crystal said...

hahahahah!!! That's too funny. I'm sure you're not THAT crazy.

AMB said...

you're not crazy. btw, did you see how tall she made my brother?!